Prime Healthcare Solutions

About Us

At Prime Healthcare Solutions we are committed to providing you with

 the best possible insurance solutions whether you are an individual, a

family or a business we have the products to make your insurance decision

making easy and we are "PPACA Exchange Certified".

We work with the best health insurance providers to offer you the best

solutions for your healthcare needs. Now more than ever with the recent

changes in healthcare requirements that are government mandated you

need a professional to guide you thru the maze of product in the

marketplace. We will inform you as to the choices and guide you to a

decision so that you are purchasing the proper products that cover your

needs at the best price.

Don't be misled into thinking Health and Life Insurance is a one size fits all , quite the contrary it is a "custom fit ". 

Individual, family and business needs are different, we have an array of products to cover all situations !

We look forward to helping  you !

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