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Dear Clients,

On this page you will find links that will take you to insurance provider websites where you can compare plans, and make out applications. I will be notified of your communication and get back to you quickly.

I provide personalized one on one support in choosing a plan and submitting an application, just go to the contact us section "on this site" and fill in the contact information. I usually respond rather quickly and I will be happy to discuss the various options as to providers and policy choices with you. 

We are exchange certified and we looking forward to hearing from you !

Prime Healthcare Solutions

Links below are for Insurance Company Applications, I will get a confirmation of your application submition from the insurer and get back to you. 

You can also fill in the "contact us section on page 5" on this site  and we will get back to you shortly !

Click here for Aetna Insurance

Click here for Assurant Insurance

Click here
 Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Arizona

Click here for Cigna Insurance

Click here for GAC Insurance Products

Click here for Golden Rule / United  Health One Insurance

Click here for
IMGlobal Travel Insurance & Stop Loss Insurance

Click here for DP Dental Solutions 

Click here for CSA General Insurance Agency Products

click here for
 CSA Short Term Student Insurance

click here for CSA RX Secure Discount Prescription Card

click here for CSA Overseas Travel Insurance Program

click here for CSA TDA Dental Program

click here for Other CSA Products

Click here for Meritus Health 

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